January 8, 2019 The Hairy Truth 2 Comments
Hi, Ladies
Are you frustrated with your hair replacement and companies taking advantage of you?
My name is Gail Robson, CEO of Capelli di Speranza, and I am putting together A COLLECTIVE discussion on the HAIRY TRUTH to help women around the world answer questions and solve problems with their hair replacement.
I have worked in the hair replacement business for 30 years, and I’ve earned the title of  Hair Replacement “GURU”  in South Florida.  I’ve decided to start sharing my knowledge with the online world help EVERY LADY  around the world with their Non-Surgical Hair Replacement. I have seen everything and nothing surprises me in the Non-Surgical Hair Replacement World.
Come be a part of our  HAIRY TRUTH COLLECTIVE.
Leave your questions and comments below.
Written by Capelli di Speranza