Congratulations on your ownership of this most comfortable, top quality, European Capelli. It was designed exquisitely with you in mind. The handcrafted design utilizes 100% human hair and the softest materials for a more natural appearance. We care for you and ask for you to care for I Capelli as follows:

NOTE: Before wetting or washing, please use the brush provided. Start from the ends and work Your way up to the roots, section by section. We recommend you use Pureology Shampoo and Pureology Conditioner (purple bottles) followed by a leave in-conditioner. Remember; frequent conditioning of I Capelli will help retain your natural look, especially if you are using hot styling tools. When if used must be on “warm setting” ONLY.
  1. SHAMPOOING: Use luke-warm or cold water. Place the Capelli under the faucet using a small amount of Pureology Shampoo at the top and gently work downward to the end of the hair shaft. Rinse under running lukewarm water. Repeat if needed. Do not use brush, comb or rub hair in a rough motion during the shampoo process. 
  2. CONDITIONING: After shampooing, place a small amount of Pureology Conditioner into the palm of your hand and proceed to gently work down the hair shaft, working through the hair with your fingers, leaving the conditioner on for a few minutes — then rinse.
  3. DRYING: On a flat surface, lay the Capelli down on a towel in one direction and roll towel up with the Capelli inside. Gently squeeze the towel. Unroll the towel and spray leave-in conditioner on all sides of the Capelli. Gently brush the Capelli out, starting from the ends and working up to the roots. Your Capelli is now ready for styling.
  4. STYLING: Natural air-drying is best to maintain the hair quality. If a blowout is preferred start with damp hair (not dripping wet).

CAUTION: Do not use HOT styling tools. Use on warm setting. ONLY.



    • When brushing your Capelli, start at the ends working up to the root area. Always brush gently. Excessive brushing or force will only cause the Capelli to break
    • Friction from a couch may cause the Capelli to tangle. Using leave-in conditioner will protect your Capelli
    • Using Pureology Shampoo and Pureology Conditioner (purple bottles), Pureology leave-in or AG leave-in conditioner and styling products will help maintain the Capelli
    • Hot or very warm water will damage the hair shaft, causing the Capelli to tangle and look dry. Always use lukewarm water.
    • We suggest that your Capelli be shampooed at least once a week, depending on physical activity and wearing frequency. Only use the recommended products listed above.
    • When you remove your Capelli, place it on a wire stand or head form to maintain the shape


When preparing for exercise, we recommend that you brush the Capelli thoroughly from ends to roots. Spray on leave-in conditioner if needed. For long Capelli, braid the Capelli or brush into a ponytail (secure with coated fasteners). Capelli should be shampooed following intense activities.
We do not recommend sleeping with your Capelli, but if you need to, the Capelli should be completely dry before retiring. For extra security use the double-sided tape.
Never allow Capelli to go into chlorine water.
You cannot shampoo chlorine out of hair; it must be stripped out using Pureology Clarifying Shampoo followed by a deep conditioner.
Avoid going in saunas when wearing the Capelli