How Do I Care For The Hair?

  • When brushing your Capelli, start at the ends working up to the root area. Always brush gently. Excessive brushing or force will only cause the Capelli to break
  • Friction from a couch may cause the Capelli to tangle. Using leave-in conditioner will protect your Capelli
  • Using Pureology Shampoo and Pureology Conditioner (purple bottles), Pureology leave-in or AG leave-in conditioner and styling products will help maintain your Capelli
  • Hot or very warm water will damage the hair shaft, causing your Capelli to tangle and look dry. Always use lukewarm water
  • We suggest that your Capelli be shampooed at least once a week, depending on physical activity and wearing frequency. Only use the recommended products listed above.
  • When you remove your Capelli, place it on a wire stand or head form to maintain the shape

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Is The Hair Heavy?

100% European Human Designed with comfort in mind, Capellis are so light and sheer, they promote a “barely there” feeling. The Capelli includes strategically placed anti-slip skin that allows the cap to safely grip our client’s scalp and a Swiss lace front that complements an already natural look. Capelli is the perfect choice for clients who will not compromise image over expense.

Is The Capelli Pre-Cut Into A Style?

We at Capelli want you to feel like you have your hair back and enjoy going to your hair stylist to get your Capelli cut and styled. When you order your Capelli it will come in an un-cut 10″-14″ layered style. This is enough length to have your stylist cut and style your Capelli to your desired look. We at Capelli Di Speranza will cut your Capelli for an additional charge.

Capelli Sizes – Will It Fit?

Average head size 21.5″ to 22.5″… Just about everyone has this size head, but sometimes a person has a smaller or larger head. Custom made Capellis are available if required! Just let us know, and we will do what we can to help you. The Capelli is not adjustable with Velcro, elastic, or hook tabs in the back. We believe that the Capelli should fit like a glove as if it were your hair. It is the most comfortable fit you will experience without the bulkiness of Velcro, elastic or hook tabs.

What Are The Benefits Of Human Hair?

Human hair is more natural, and can be heated, colored, cut, styled, curled or straightened. It does not lose its shape over a couple of days and cannot be damaged, like synthetic wigs.

When you are looking for styling versatility, Capelli is definitely the way to go! We recommend taking your Capelli to your stylist or hairdresser for the best results.

How Long Will My Capelli Last vs. Synthetic?

Synthetic Wigs will not last a long time, and it is recommended that you purchase a new synthetic wig every 2 to 3 months especially if worn often or daily. Synthetic fibers will frizz from friction and cannot be conditioned. If taken care of properly, Capelli can last you for years (depending on the everyday use) so consider the requirements for your new hair before you purchase!

If you have any questions, please do ask us. It’s no trouble at all for us to get back to you with answers to anything you would like to know. We want you to be as comfortable purchasing your Capelli as possible!

How Should I Store My Capelli?

When storing your Capelli, it is best to have a designated area that you will keep your Capelli. For long term storage, you should keep your Capelli in a custom wig box with a Styrofoam or canvas head or stuffed with tissue and placed carefully in a shoe box. Always store your Capelli when it is completely dry, and clean. Do not store your Capelli when it has product in it, such as spray or gel.

Keep your box in a dry and cool area away from lights and possible elemental damage. If hair is long, be sure to store your Capelli out of the case so the length of the hair hangs freely even for a day and especially when drying it. Unfortunately, Capellis will not last forever, no matter how you care for them. When you are ready for a new Capelli, consider donating your Capelli to someone less fortunate if it’s still wearable.

How Do I Travel With My Capelli?

Travel can cause some issues when trying to pack a few different Capellis in your luggage. If packing an extra Capelli on your vacation, fold the Capelli inside out, stuff with tissue paper in the center. Please make sure to protect your Capelli by placing your Capelli between clothing in your luggage. If you are bringing a styrofoam head with you for styling, don’t forget your wig clamp! Capelli di Speranza provides our customers with a styrofoam head form to ensure your Capelli holds its natural shape and doesn’t get crushed or flattened during shipping.


Can I Color My Capelli?

Human hair can be colored; we suggest buying the tone closest to what you are looking for. Deposit color will be better than highlights. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please email us and we will be more than happy to help you find what you are looking for! For an extra cost we at Capelli di Speranza will color your Capelli, Just email us a time for a consultation we will be happy to talk to you.

Can I Wear My Capelli in a Ponytail?

Wearing your Capelli in a ponytail should be fine! A low ponytail is recommended.

The tabs around the ear area have hair on them and we would suggest you pull a few strands down around that area to help cover any parts of the cap that could be peeking out.

Layers underneath your Capelli can be added to give a more natural look when pulled up.