Capelli di Speranza’s  #1 priority is to offer only the Best European Hair and more importantly to educate you so you can live worry free. Please if you have any questions about our Capelli or problems with your existing hair let us at Capelli di Speranza help you. Book, a private, phone or Skype consultation to discuss your hair needs.
 We will also be touring so sign up, and we will see you soon!!

Capelli di Speranza would love to speak to you face-to-face so book a complimentary phone or Skype consultation so we can answer questions give you all our hair options and discuss which option is best for you! Capelli di Speranza, a company that cares!

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Free Phone/Skype Hair Consultation


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If you are unhappy with your current hair replacement or have hair loss and just don't know where to turn to, we love to meet with you. Request a private consultation face-to-face (available to certain areas). We will contact you to discuss your hair needs and dates of when we will be in your area.

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Capelli Tour