Capelli di Speranza Inc. is one of the world’s premiere manufacturers of premium quality European hair. We find the finest European hair available and have worked hours researching and developing a complete Capelli collection that is state of the art design. We offer precision detail to give you long-lasting glamour and comfort. We take pride in creating the world’s most comfortable and fashionable Capelli — they are so lightweight and natural, you will feel like it’s your hair.

Capelli di Speranza – When a Wig Just Won’t Do

You will also agree the Capelli cannot be called a “wig”, as we take pride in designing Capelli with you and your hair loss in mind. We invite you to experience our Capelli, and once you wear one you’ll immediately agree that your Capelli is perfect for the perfect you!! You are unique, and your hair
should reflect your uniqueness.

Whether your hair loss is due to Alopecia Areata, Trichotillomania, Female Pattern Baldness or medically related treatments
(Chemotherapy/Radiation). There is no reason to put up with the frustration, anxiety or embarrassment of your hair loss. Wearing one of those “one – size” or “one style fits all” wigs should not be the approach for anyone that is going through hair loss. Your stress-free hair solution is waiting for you at Capelli di Speranza. Every Capelli comes with personal complete instructions on care, so you look and feel completely natural.

Capelli Hair is the most desirable hair in the world due to its texture, feel, look and longevity. The Capelli come uncut and can easily be shaped by your stylist to achieve your desired look. As stated in the instructions, I Capelli can be highlighted and colored very easily just as if you would highlight and color your hair. We also offer a Phone Consultation Service with tips on precut styles and if needed, color.

Capelli di Speranza is GIVING YOU BACK “YOUR HAIR”