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Capelli di Speranza Inc. is one of the world’s top custom manufacturers of premium quality hair carefully sourced from independent factories around the world. Their expertise and experience working with natural, lightweight, breathable materials, and state-of-the-art replacement hair technologies and products, from a woman’s point of view is unmatched. Founder and principal owner, Gail Robson, and her partner, Janice Greco, who’s worked closely with Gail since 1997, continue to explore the ends of the earth to find the very best solutions. Together, they offer over five decades of industry expertise, continuing education, custom hair solutions and consultative, personalized services that literally change women’s lives.


Gail started her company because of a deep, honest desire to make a positive difference in people’s lives. She lives her passion by helping women find their way to feel better and more confident about themselves. She was taught early in her life that love begins with acceptance and manifests through giving of your gifts to others. To Gail, it’s always been about being there for someone when it counts. Helping others breakthrough and become their best, especially when they’re struggling the most. Those who know her best will tell you she’s the real deal. She genuinely cares about women looking and feeling and living the best they can. She’s 2 a generous soul with old-world values and principled ethics. Compassion inspires in the midst of our highly competitive world. Gail has built and continues to develop remarkable and long-standing relationships with both her clients and some of the finest hair producers on our planet.


Gail’s vision has always been to be different and do something different that makes a true difference in women’s lives. Her mission is to offer the highest quality, upscale line of custom hair products complimented by a relaxed and easy-to-do-business-with style. She appropriately calls her new Capelli collection, “New World Chique”.


In an effort to provide the absolute highest quality hair at truly affordable prices Gail and Janice explore the ends of earth, attend the latest conferences and engage the world’s leading hair authorities. They personally visit and get to know independent factories that operate with rigorous quality control standards and produce absolutely stunning hair quality.


Gail and Janice are determined to put an end to the online “hair horror stories, false promises, gross overcharges (for very bad hair) and nightmarish delivery experiences with no service support, that many of us know all too well. Once you are in relationship with Capelli all that ends! We work hard to earn your trust and respect. We want you, as a woman, to feel genuinely appreciated and valued. We conduct business fairly and responsibly, and as such, build lifelong relationships. You are unique and your hair experience should be as well. Reach out to us and enjoy a uniquely different and rewarding experience.


We offer precision detail in state-of-the-art designs to give you longlasting comfort beneath the glamour. We take great pride in creating the world’s most natural, comfortable, lightweight, fashionable hair systems on the planet. Capelli Hair is the most desirable in the world due to its texture, feel, look and longevity — you’ll feel like it’s your own! Capelli Hair will come to you cleanly uncut that can easily be shaped by your personal stylist to achieve your desired look. Also, we can easily highlight and color your Capelli Hair should you so choose. And, we offer Phone / Face Time Consultation Services on all precut styles, coloring, and much more, as is needed by each woman.


We are all about helping people look and feel their best. We take a “from-the-heart” approach because we women to stop constantly struggling and worrying about what they want to feel great about, their hair. You will not be taken for granted, nor misunderstood, and definitely not ripped off. It seems today, there are more and more “owners” and “founders” getting into the business of hair without having any personal experience or industry knowledge. It’s like owning a restaurant and knowing nothing about cooking! It’s not personal or really about people, rather it’s about money and profit taking. That’s why we’re here. To bring back the personal, hands-on approach that great experiences and relationships are based upon. And, to do the right thing in the right way all the time so our women are empowered to live as they should. Let’s make a difference together! There is no reason any longer to put up with the frustration, anxiety or embarrassment of hair loss, whether it’s due to Alopecia Areata, 4 Trichotillomania, Female Pattern Baldness or medically related treatments (Chemotherapy/Radiation). Be stress-free and experience our custom, natural hair solutions. Look and feel completely amazing with Capelli di Speranza. We invite you to reach out to us. It’s time! Here’s what we believe, stand for, all want and deliver!

Quality of HOPE.


Freedom of EXPRESSION.